Friday, December 22, 2006

Miss Nevada More Like "Mess Nevada"

Shut up. You should be used to my terrible puns by now.

So yeah, I had this game when I was little called Fashion Plates. Anyone remember it? It was made up of these little plastic plates where you picked a head, torso, and bottom of your choice, put them together in a little plastic thing to hold them together, and then ran half a crayon in a plastic holder over it, making a picture of an outfit.

I know that sounds totally confusing but if you grew up around the time when I did, you probably know what I mean. If not, this might jog your memory.


How 'bout now?

Anyway, if you didn't put the plates in the thing just right, a lot of times, the top part of your "model" and the bottom part of her wouldn't really match up and it looked weird. You obviously then had to throw it out, wasting one of the few small pieces of paper included with the kit. I used to hate that. Sort of like when my spirograph would screw up, causing a straight line to go across the page... but now I'm just getting sidetracked.

(But for the record, this dude totes knows what I'm talking about)

"What the hell does all this have to do with post title?" I hear you cry! Well, I was just browsing the net, and came across this picture of Katie Rees, the newly displaced Miss Nevada (not to be confused with Miss USA, Tara "Second Chance" Connor, of course) and it immediately brought me back.

Somebody TOTALLY didn't line up her fashion plate right.

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Michelle said...

OMG Fashion Plates!!! I totally loved that toy but completely forgot it existed! Thanks for the walk down memory lane (same with the spirograph!) We grew up in the best years :)