Wednesday, January 10, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

Okay, well... I lied. There are several places like home, if not a bit better.

Well folks, much like the spooky ghosts in Poltergeist, I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

England was absolutely fantastic as usual. Two straight weeks of booze and Only Fools and Horses. Who could ask for anything more?

Actually, I could. I could ask that I not have accidentally formatted my camera's memory card, losing all of my 156 pictures, less than 48 hours before I was due to leave, thus leaving a knot in my stomach the size of a large grapefruit for the remainder of the trip. I could ask that.

But all is not lost, folks (no pun intended). Due to Stu's expert Googling skills and the magic of modern technology, for the last 12 hours (with several more to come from the looks of things) I've been running the card through a genius bit of software known as Art Plus Digital Photo Recovery. So far, so good. Wouldn't it be amazing if it recovered my Vegas pictures that went the way of the dodo back in July? Not that I'm expecting it.

Anyway, you know what that means. By the weekend, you'll all be treated to another post of epic proportions with loads of hilarious (and in some cases, vile) photos and stories.

Watch this space.

Oh yeah, and Happy 62nd Birthday, Rod Stewart, you old bastard!


Michelle said...

Has there been a major trip/event where you HAVEN'T erased or forgot to bring your memory card!? Haha - hope you had a fabulous trip, can't wait to hear about it. Love and miss!!

Marnie said...

No, seriously though. I just belong far, far away from the digital age.

Danielle said...

HI! Welcome that you're home, there is no excuse for us not to get together soon.
Miss you tons!