Monday, February 19, 2007

Except He Never Touched Reese Witherspoon.

You know how I love my photo comparisons.

Like, for example, when I surmised that if Lindsay Lohan gained weight she would morph into Kelly Osbourne.

Or when I pointed out that RuPaul and Tyra Banks might, in fact, actually be one and the same.

Or remember how Clay Aiken suddenly looked like me?

Or how my boy Stu looked like Rod Stewart's eldest son?

Haha. But like I said before, only thinner and less haggard looking.

Once, back in the days before the blog, Colleen and I met these cute British guys in Boston who all happened to look like famous people, and I even made up a little photo comparison and sent it to them. (I had quite a life going on back then, didn't I? You're soon about to see that things haven't changed much.)

Anyway, this weekend I went to visit Michelle and her boyfriend in NYC, and on Saturday, we went to see the new movie Breach. About 15 minutes in, Michelle pointed out the fact that Ryan Phillippe looked very much like my longest-standing English friend Matt, whom I've talked about before on here quite a bit. Anyway, I hadn't noticed it up to that point but she was SOO right. In typical Marnie fashion, I drew up a nice little photo comparison for all to enjoy.

Totes uncanny, right? If Reese is looking for a rebound, I think we've found him.

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