Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Valentine Memory

Happy Valentine's Day, faithful readers!

Having been pretty much Valentine-less since 2000, this holiday doesn't really mean much to me. I mean, I'm not all bitter about or anything, but usually it just ends up being the day that's a week after my birthday and nothing more.

But today I was thinking about something a funny story from Valentine's Day 2002, so I thought I'd share.

I was a senior in college that year, and Valentine's Day fell on a Thursday, which mean that Micki and I had art classes all day. Like every Thursday, we rolled out ofbed, put on our matching paint-covered dark gray sweatsuits, and our cheap Wal-Mart kicks that we painted Nike swooshes onto, and headed the 15 yards or so to the art building. No make-up, hair in shambles -- the opposite of "the works".

After our first art class, we decided to skip lunch and make a trip to a nearby shopping center to buy a valentine card for our friend Joel. As we made our way out of the Hallmark, a news reporter from Philadelphia's Action News asked if she could talk to us.

Now here we are, looking like HELL, being asked to be on the news. You know me, though. I don't give a shit -- 15 minutes of fame is 15 minutes of fame. I took the mic right out of her hand. She politely took it back and asked "On this Valentine's Day, we were wondering if in this day and age, women should be able to give a man a ring and propose."

My answer went a little something like this:
"Well, we were just in the Hallmark store and neither of us has a Valentine this year which is pretty sad, so I think that if giving a man an engagement ring would get us some of those bears and stuff, then I think it's a pretty good idea"
Not exact, but close. It actually ended up on the news that night, which I've got a tape of somewhere. Later, I was later misquoted on the Action News website as saying, "I think it's a sign of love." Umm... no. I wouldn't say something that corny.

Micki's answer said something about it being okay to give a man a ring "in the heat of the moment" but it unfortunately didn't make it on-air. Lord only knows what they'd have misquoted her. Probably something like "Only when you're doing it."

Anyway... Happy Valentine's Day. Hope everyone gets some!

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