Tuesday, March 20, 2007

British Invasion

For someone like me who generally loves all things English, today was really something else.

As I was walking through the garage to my car after work, this guy was walking towards me looking lost. Honest to God, I thought to myself, "This guy looks English." As he got closer, he asks me how to get to "the lifts". Ha! I knew it! I can't explain why I always know, but I do. Call it "Britdar".

After that, I went to Target to look for some new bedding. I didn't find anything good, but I decided to stock up on some make-up. As I was heading up the aisle towards the Rimmel section, what I saw stopped me dead in my tracks. I was so shocked I screamed out loud:

"Boots!!!! Are you SERIOUS????"

No... like, you have no idea how cool this is. Boots is the most popular British pharmacy and I go there so often while I'm abroad that I actually have their store card. So, to see it here is like, insane. And to have its whole own aisle is just too great. You can imagine how nutty I looked taking pictures, but I totally didn't care. This is huge! They even had my favourite hair wax and cucumber face wipes, all a mere few miles from my house! Hoorah!

It doesn't end there. I then went to the bank and while I'm waiting in line, the guy in front of me says loudly to the teller "But I haven't got a mortgage!"... in a British accent. Like, where are all these English peeps coming from?? Hot.

And in the oddest twists of fate, as I'm sitting here writing this, I turn on American Idol, and what's the theme, you ask?


That's just bloody weird.

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Catherine said...

Whoop Boots!! You have an advantage card? LOL. I can just imagine you seeing Boots and screaming! :D

Hope you're well :D

Cat xx