Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Good Deed for the Day

While I was walking Simon tonight, I walked past a truck that had a cute dog in it. The bad part was that it was 77 degrees and there was only one window cracked a tiny bit.

Nearby, the owner of the dog was mowing my neighbour's lawn. I went over and asked if I could please take his dog for a walk with me and Simon, because I felt terrible seeing him in that hot truck. He agreed and off we went.

Surprisingly, Simon got along with this dog -- whose name was Lucky -- really well. As he gets older, Simon get more and more crotchety, and doesn't particularly like other dogs, particularly ones that are taking some of his attention. Not so with Lucky. He walked side by side with him, and they even waited politely for eachother when they were peeing.

Afterwards, I brought Lucky to my house for water and treats in my backyard, where they happily ran around together. I tried to capture a particularly cute picture of them touching noses, but I was a second too late, so it hardly does the scene justice.

What a good dog he was!

When I noticed his owner getting his lawn mower together, I walked Lucky back over to him, where I found out he was a rescue from Hurricane Katrina. I guess he really is Lucky. I told his owner that he is always welcome to come over and play with Simon and even if I'm not home, he's more than welcome to play in my fenced-in yard, rather than sitting in a hot, hot car.

That part I better never see again, or else there will be trouble!

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