Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Marnie and Lily: BFF

My love for Lily Allen reached its peak tonight.

First of all, she is so badass. But not like poser badass. More like "I don't give a SHIT what you think" badass.

Like "I totes rolled up to the soundcheck in an old green station wagon and I'm still cooler than you" badass.

(She really did, by the way)

I love when famous people who seem cool actually turn out to actually be cool, and Miss Allen was certainly no exception.

Now if only I could not look like a jerk-off in every picture. This is the only one you're seeing.

Anyway, as if her off-stage persona wasn't cool enough, she worked the crowd like no other, and had everyone laughing their asses off between songs. Plus, beneath it all, she is a truly excellent singer.

So as if the night wasn't hot enough, she starts this acoustic set and you'll never believe it.

She's like, "This next song is by another UK band called.."

wait for it



She sang Everybody's Changing!!!! For real! Lily, what are you doing to me? Are you TRYING to make me have an awkward girlie crush on you? It's working.

Stop being so cool.

Thanks soo much to my new buddy Katie for enjoying this awesomeness with me!!

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