Friday, July 06, 2007

Peacin' Out For a Week

I had originally planned this post to be a much longer one that it is. Then again, two weeks ago I planned on writing about the Fray concert I went to (I was going to call the post "Frayed So" and everything!) and yesterday I thought I'd find time to talk about what a Brazilian wax was like (more on that later -- for now, I say, "Viva Brazil!). Then I was going to talk about how NOT cool it is to wax your own legs (completely with photos) but I never got around to it. So yeah, you know how I am.

Anyway, I'm off to the airport in a minute to fly to my peeps in London. Then we're all heading to EspaƱa for 8 days. Then another night in England before returning to work and normal life. The 6 months leading up to this trip have seemed like a lifetime, but I guarantee this week will probably feel like 5 seconds. Maybe less.

Anyway, see you in 10 days!!!!!!

PS. My suitcase totally just ripped and now I have to repack everything! Yay!!

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