Sunday, August 26, 2007

2 Weekends of Fun: New York Style

Oh my God, how much fun has my life been lately?

I mean, work has totes been kicking my ass hardcore, but I've been more than making up for it with some of the most fun-filled NYC weekends ever. I probably can't even put it into words so it conveys how it's really been, but I'm going to try. And I'm going to be long-winded about it, as per yoozh.

Rufus Wainwright was playing Central Park last Sunday, and Kat and I decided to make a 3-day fun-fest out of it, so I drove up on Friday after work. I don't know what made me decide to drive into Manhattan, and I was pretty terrified at the idea at first, but it turned out that I was pretty awesome at it, and it's not near as scary as people say. I was actually laughing about it this morning as I was blowing down Columbus Avenue eating a grilled cheese sandwich and sending a text message. I should totes be a cabbie. Anyway, I'm getting off track and way ahead of myself. Back to last weekend.

I worked late on Friday, so I didn't get in until around 10, but that gave us plenty of time to get our drink on. We kept it pretty calm that night, only staying out for about 3 hours before heading home to drink gin and tonics and watch Hostel.

In hindsight, this was a great idea, because Saturday night was decidedly less calm.

We went to see my boy Gerry the Irish bartender (formerly of Mustang Sally's fame) at his new place, O'Brien's. We were in there for hours (stopping only to brave Times Square to get some more Chaser pills from Duane Reade) so it got pretty sloppy.

Gerry, ever the shy one, doesn't want to be splashed all over the Internet, so I'm pixelating his ass.

Our new friend Finton (also Irish) is less shy, and equally fun.

After we'd gotten sufficiently sauced there, we decided to head on over to the Irish Rogue to see Mick and Roger, whom you may remember as Paris and Nicky from last Halloween. Roger apparently works somewhere else now, but Mick was there and as adorable as ever.

Obviously we made it home somehow, but the details of that are somewhat sketchy. All I can say is I felt fine the next day, and that Chaser Pills are like the Second Coming for me.

Ahh, and then there was Sunday.

The daytime was spent watching the Keane Strangers DVD about 5 times before getting ready to go to Rufus. When we got to the park, we called my amazing friend Jay, who ever so kindly escorted us into the VIP area before the main doors opened. For this I will be eternally grateful! It was raining and the VIP area had umbrellas and tables so it was far less dismal than it could have been. THANK YOU JAY!!

Before the party began.

Second to arrive in the VIP area was Chris, a guy whom Kat swore she knew from somewhere. She thought it was school, but it turns out they "got drunk on a boat in New Jersey together" once, so there you go.

Chris had two other friends show up, Matt and Michael, and my life has not really been the same since. :-)

Matt turned out to be a tall, gay, Southern version of me, seriously. He was like my cosmic twin ("non-sexual soul mates" as he so sweetly put it) and if he were more vaginally inclined, I'd have whisked him off to Vegas and married him before the end of the night. For reals. We had like the best time ever.

I don't even remember much of the concert because we laughed most of the way through it (mostly at the guy whose dancing style made us happy there was one of those seizure dogs nearby). In fact, I swear that guy was from TV, but I couldn't place him. He looked a lot like Thom from Queer Eye, but I don't think it was. Plus, I would hope Thom dances a little better than that.

Oh God, what if it was him and he reads this? Actually, maybe it's good if he does. Dude, your dancing -- work it out. Thanks.

Dark shot, but you can probably still make out the Leiderhosen.

Anyway, we were all really hopped up on wine by the end of the show.

Some of us more than others, obvs.

We went downtown to hit up Phoenix, the gay bar whose CitySearch review says, "Gay-guy-loving girls should feel comfortable enough here" -- they're not wrong. It was so "swish" As Victoria Beckham would say. I mean, think about it -- here I am surrounded by cute guys buying me drinks, and not one of them wanted a thing from me! It was like my own personal heaven. Even when a guy walked in on me, mid-wipe in the bathroom stall, I didn't care. It was just like 'Whatevs, Hi!'

Kat, Matt, and I met a new friend, Blake, who invited us to his champagne and caviar party the following weekend (which, consequently, was the weekend that just past, so we'll get to that in a minute).

So anyway, it was like the best night evs. The weekend went by way too fast, and going back to work was extremely difficult, to say the least, but next thing I knew, it was the weekend again, and time for Blake's shindig. :-)

Matt and I met up on Friday evening, acting like the long lost soul mates that we are. We gave the Trader Joe's cashier a little comic relief before making our way to Blake's apartment. On the way there, Matt, like many before him, pointed out my resemblance to Kelly Ripa. I still don't see it, but with as many people that bring it up, there must be something to it. I'm going to have to figure out a way to work with that somehow. :-)

Blake's party was totally fun and his friends were really nice. When I move to London, I think I'm going to have Blake do my decorating for me because his apartment was like no other. Kind of like something out of a hip TV show. Loves it. Plus, my mod frock and accessorizing seemed to be a big hit, so I left feeling somewhat fabulous. Somewhat fabulous and somewhat drunk actually.

Matt and I decided on Phoenix "for old times sake" but not before being shooed away from outside of another nearby bar, completely undeservedly. This guy totes comes over and is like "Can you two bring it down a notch and maybe move behind the ropes?" (or something like that). The thing about Matt and I is that we are def obnoxious, but this was honestly one time when we weren't doing anything wrong AND we weren't being loud, so whatevs. We decided that "taking it down a notch" would consist of a diva head-flip and sigh of disgust from each of us, before prancing away, hand in hand, back to Phoenix. Yay.

Yeah, so Matt is about 9 feet tall.

The last clear(ish) memory of the night I have is standing outside and seeing Kat, who had been at work all night, walking up to us from the subway. She was saying something about being able to see us being "dramatic" from two blocks away (I don't doubt it). Actually, I do remember going to another place (damned if I know what it was called) and eating some fries and pizza, but most of the rest of the night had to be relayed to me by Kat the next day. Which is too bad really, because apparently she made a male go-go dancer cry, and I would have liked to have seen that.

I remember not feeling particularly bolloxed at the time, but I guess I was. Or maybe it wasn't the alcohol at all. Maybe Matt's just too intoxicating to be around. :-)

Either way, it was fabulous.

Saturday, Kat went to work again, whilst I did a whole lotta sleepin' and a whole lotta drinkin' water. Later in the evening, we met up with my girls Leilani and Pam for dinner at Blockheads (my favourite cheap ass Mexican place with the $3 margaritas) and drinks at Social.

I met Leilani at a Duran Duran after-after party two years ago, and I haven't hung out with her in ages, despite the fact that we're constantly trying to make plans! It was so good to finally make it work! Of course it would have been better if this random guy didn't keep coming up to us and thanking him for watching his drink while he smoked, but at least it had some comedic value. As did the guy in the black socks and Kat's recount of her day "in prison." That story never gets old! Plus we got to meet Leilani's friend Jule (Jewel? Forgive me!) who was so nice!

Unfortch, our wild nights had finally managed to catch up with us, so Kat and I headed home at 1am (the horror!) but it was still a fab night and another fab weekend! I definitely feel like I'm making the most of my remaining time in America, which is exactly what I want to do. No more mediocre weekends from now until January, baby.

As for mediocre blog posts, I obviously can't say the same. :-)


Anonymous said...

Your Tots the best... This was the most Signif blog post of my life.....Matt

Michelle said...

You went to Blockheads without me? Traitor! Haha, totes kidding - sounds like you've had a couple amazing weekends in the big apple - can't wait to hear all the deets in a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

where is this place you were with pixilated Gerry and Flinton? Big screen with football on in the background and a plethora beer choices on tap. I need to take Jay there and leave him for days. LOL!