Sunday, September 30, 2007

Marnie's World: American Idol Edition

Anyone remember when Marnie's World used to be kind of good, and updated on a semi-regular basis?

Well, okay. But it was updated on a semi regular basis.

Like about 87 weeks ago (or maybe 3), I worked the American Idols tour in Philly (and when I say "worked" I mean I carried a box of 8x10s out to the merch truck and then hung out in catering the rest of the night). I didn't see a whole lot of the show, but I listened to some of the soundcheck and I watched the last few songs from sidestage, and it was enough to peak my interest. I couldn't see shit from sidestage... I decided that I'd actually watch the show in Atlantic City the following night. I'd imagine no one would have really cared to read about it right after it happened, let alone light years later, but whatevs. I have some free time, so I'm writing about it.

I'll start with what was probably one of the funnier moments of the night. After we first go to AC, Stacy and I went backstage, and walked past the Idols, who were just milling around in the hallway. When we got to the end of the corridor, Stacy turned and looked back down the hall. She squinted a little and says "Who's the girl with the pony tail leaning against the wall? I don't remember her on the show?"

I turned, looked, and laughed my ass off. "Umm... that's Sanjaya."


A few minutes later, we saw his sister, who is apparently acting as his chaperone on the tour. Guess she got the time off from Hooters. For the record, she was fully clothed, and there was no guitar in sight.

Anyway, after that we hung out in the hot-ass catering room for a bit, eating Chex Mix and drinking orange Gatorade (because that's whole we roll), and watching Chris Richardson sniff a spoonful of grated cheese and ask "Is this Parmesan? It smells like Parmesan". The life of a roadie is a good one.

The show itself was entertaining to say the least. I got a much different perspective than I did watching the show. For one thing, I wasn't overly impressed by the aforementioned Chris Richardson during his run on TV. I didn't particularly dislike him or anything, but I didn't feel one way or the other. In person? He impressed the hell out of me -- and not just when he almost out-beatboxed Blake or killed it on the drums. He had a LOT of songs in the show (dare I say, more than anyone else?) and for good reason. He was good.

The other thing is that Melinda and Lakisha really are that good. When Lakisha was singing "I Will Always Love You", when she got to the quiet bit before that part, I turned to Stacy and said "She's about to bring the house down." She did.

Melinda made the hair on my arms stand up more than once. It's almost a shame that the two of them had to even reduce themselves to a television talent show, even one with the scope of Idol. Bitches are TALENTED.

Fortunately, they're much better at singing than I am taking photos.

Chris Sligh, who was a fave of mine during the few weeks he was on the show, wasn't showcased that much, which was a bit of a disappointment. I heard through the grapevine that he was none too pleased about it either. The quote I heard went something like, "I sold my soul to the devil and came in 10th." Ha. Make of that what you will.

Blake was Blake. Phil was Phil, etc. Sanjaya was surpisingly entertaining, even if his voice isn't one iota better than you think it'd be. I cringed for him more than once, but I did enjoy his lil' Michael Jackson bit.

I also LOVED when all the guys came out to perform as a "band" that they "formed" while they were bored on the bus. It REALLY enjoyed it.

Does that make me crayzay?

Jordin blew me out of the water too. I was slightly underwhelmed by her Idol win, thinking that Blake certainly had more of the "whole package". Of course the whole Keane thing immediately renders me biased, but you know how it is. Anyway, Jordin live made a believer out of me. I totally saw why she won. She's not only got a voice to knock your socks off, but she's personable on stage. Oh, and GORGEOUS, by the way...

Seriously. I don't think my skin was that flawless right out of the canal. She's also about 9 and a half feet tall. I'm not loving her "Tattoo" song, but it might grow on me. Her album drops in November, and I do wish her well.

Chris is a cutie in person. For reals.

Of course Blake and I talked about Keane. That was one ship that I couldn't let sail.

My girl Melinda was the BEST. That sweetness you saw on the show wasn't an act. At one point while we were talking to her she stopped and said to everyone, "I'm sorry, but you two have the nicest eyelashes I've ever seen! Seriously! Has everyone seen their eyelashes?" Ha. I fessed up that while Stacy's are au naturel, mine are entirely care of Loreal Volume Shocking. She said the ones glued to her face were so unnatural that she'll try anything. Maybe I should send her some. That's how much I loved her.

None of the others showed up to the little after thing except Haley, and I didn't get a picture with her.

Oh wait, one more person showed up...

I love this one most of all.

And can I just say that he's not really all that friendly? I mean, he's not a dick or anything, but see that smile? That's strictly for the photos. When you walk up to him, he's kind of just... I don't know... blank. I attribute it more to shyness, or maybe the fact that he knows that he's become more of a pop culture punching bag than anything else, but either way, he spoke way less than any of the others. He and Chris (R.) were the only ones signing shit through the fence in Philly the night before though, so maybe he's not so bad.

Anyway, that was pretty much it. I'm glad I went (but equally glad I didn't have to pay) and I hope that most of them are able to make something of themselves.

Even Sanjaya's sister.

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