Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You Can Never Have Too Much Morrissey

Ahh, Halloween. My absolute favourite holiday. For this year's costumed weekend, I threw in a little Morrissey to the mix, so you know I was totes loving it.

Friday after work I made the trip to Matt's place so we could beautify ourselves before Moz Concert #1. Unfortunately, a trip that should never take more than 2 and a half hours took 4, so it didn't leave us much time to do that beautifying. Good thing we're already pretty smokin, right?

Anyway, we got to the venue with just enough time to down 4 champagnes each before my boy entered the stage. We took a convenient place by the bar and the fun began.

The concert had all the usual -- the drunks, the hipsters, the "depressed" ones in all black, the ones with the Gladiolas in the pockets of their cuffed jeans, ready to be thrown onto the stage, and the friends who got dragged there who don't even know where they are until the intro to How Soon is Now starts. ("Ohhh! HIM!," they cry!). A large portion of them had Morrissey-style coifs. You know the deal. Friday night actually had a disproportionate number of gays in attendance too, so that was a stroke of luck. Too bad most of them were the aforementioned coifed, cuffed-jeaned messes.

Well, there was that cute Latino, but he couldn't dance for shit so he's out. But I digress...

Anyway, the show was great as per yoozh, even though we were all the way at the back. Matt hoisted me onto his back for a bit of the encore (which I'm sure both he and his spine are regretting, even a week later) so that was one opportunity for me to see that it was actually Morrissey up there and not just a recording.

My boy Ginge ever so kindly got us into the afterparty which, surprisingly, Morrissey actually showed up to. He just sat quietly at his own table with his sister and some other peeps, but Lord knows I love to just say "I was at a party 5 feet from Morrissey." It's all I need in life really. I could've done without the cash bar, but then I remember what a lucky bitch I am and start enjoying reality once more.

I got to say hello to the adorable Mikey and catch up a bit with Boz before heading out. Matt and I hit a gay bar or two before meeting back up with Ginge, Ken, Boz, Ian, Larry, Brian, and a few others. The usual crew! It was nice to introduce Matt to a little of my world since I've totally ingratiated myself into his. "It's reciprocal!" as Boz said. :-)

My boys.

After a few more drinks, Matt and I said our goodbyes and headed to the Ritz for some more gay fun! It's amazing how much hotter the guys generally were there than at the Phoenix. Not that it affects me or my vagina in any way, but it's nice to look at. Once again, the bathroom stall didn't lock (what is it with gay bars?? -- oh wait...) and someone with little to no interest in it, got to see me in all my hoohah-wiping glory. Hoorah!!

The last thing I remember is passing out in the cab. Quite the lady, me.

Saturday's Halloween festivities are going to be granted their own post, so let's just jump to Sunday, shall we?

Sunday afternoon was spent doing a whole lot of nothing -- unless eating too much Chinese food and watching Roseanne on DVD counts as "something" -- but that still didn't stop me from being late to Kat's. Nor did it stop me from forgetting the tickets and having to go back to her apartment for them, once we'd left for the venue. You'd think all that lying around doing nothing would've given my brain time to recover from the night before, but you'd be wrong.

All that nonsense aside, Kat and I made it in time to see the opening act, which we had a pretty sweet place in the crowd for. My plan was to stay there and see the show from a bit closer, but my desire for more champagne outweighed my desire to be able to see anything, so the spot was lost when we trekked back to the bar. We once again planted ourselves in a very desirable position by the bar and I'm happy to say I could see nearly everything.

There weren't nearly as many gays there that evening, but sweet Jesus, there were more people with B.O. than I've ever smelled in one place at one time instead. There were times when the people around us were literally gagging, and my eyes were tearing up regularly. You'd have to have smelled it yourself to even imagine. Seriously people, I know you feel you have to wait in line for weeks on end to get a good spot in the crowd, but at least bring some wipes or something.


Anyway, I enjoyed the setlist a bit more on Sunday (what wasn't marred by the stench of the flannel shirts around me) but otherwise it was pretty much a repeat of Friday.

Right down to the drinking until the wee hours of the morning...

I was relegated to water at this point. How sad for me.

Even Marisa showed up!

I'm having a déjà vu!

Group Love.

And that, my friends, is how you do Morrissey. :-)

(How lax am I getting with my endings, by the way?)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It's a Boy!

CONGRATULATIONS to new parents Danielle and Mario!!!

Nicholas Angelo was born on Thursday, October 25, weighing a whopping 6lbs 13ozs and measuring 19 1/2 inches.

The world is now a better place.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

As If They Aren't Loveable Enough

Some time back, I reported my disappointment in Tim Rice-Oxley, of my beloved Keane, due to his supposed songwriting for the nightmare that is Ashlee Simpson. It wasn't long before it was exposed as nonsense, and I quickly updated the post. I obviously wasn't giving him enough credit.

Once again, he does not dissapoint:
Keane to Avoid Britney

Keane have revealed they turned down a request to write for Toxic singer Britney Spears.

Despite having collaborated with Gwen Stefani and the Pussycat Dolls, the boys drew the line at Brit, saying: "There are some things we definitely won't do."

Keyboardist Tim Rice-Oxley added: "We turned down Britney Spears. After the Gwen thing we were offered a lot of work. But both Gwen and Nicole from Pussycat Dolls are phenomenally talented, and we wouldn't want to start diluting that level of musical quality."

Oh dear, if it carries on like this Brit'll have to drag out the python again.

Yay! The best part is that, like with Ashlee, he blatantly slammed Britney for being the waste of space that she is, but in that charming British way.

"We wouldn't want to start diluting that level of musical quality."
(read: "She's a freaking train wreck and we're staying far, far away.")

Oh, how I love you, Tim.

Looks like someone just caught her VMA performance.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Okay, So This Might Be My Favourite Thing Ever.

So brilliant.

The best part is the reporter at the end "confronting" him.

Oh yeah, and how adorable is Philip McCall???