Tuesday, November 06, 2007


About damn time, right?

In fairness, I've been waiting for someone *cough* KAT *cough* to send me all the additional pics. I didn't want to have two separate posts because I'm anal like that.

Anyway, onto Halloween '07!

As you may have guessed from previous years, I take Halloween very seriously. I don't like to waste an opportunity to dress/act like an idiot, and I don't skimp on the details. This year was no exception. In fact, I think this year's brilliance was all in the details.

I had originally thought I'd go as my girl Lily Allen (mostly because I have a dress that'd be perfect and I have similar cankles). However, after I met Matt and we quickly became 2 peas in a pod, I thought it might be fun to do some sort of duo thing.

No, not that.

We actually decided to go as David and Victoria Beckham. We'd thought of it a while back, but being the procrastinators we are, he was jersey-less and I was wig-less up until the final days before the weekend. I was pretty much crapping myself because I didn't have any other ideas. Plus I'd already bought the fabulous shoes. Nevermind that they were the only thing I bought.

Anyway, fate smiled upon us and we managed to find everything in the nick of time -- and I do mean everything:

Right down to the tattoos, hair color and lots and lots of bronzer.

Oh, and an obscene amount of padding and packaging tape. The funny thing is that mine still look more real than hers.

You can tell we were so enjoying being in character. At first, everyone had to remind me to not smile for photos, but soon I was so into it.

That hot mess in the back is Mikko, who was dressed as "white trash/euro trash".

He was working it hard.

Kat, who prefers to be on the other side of the camera, and Matt dressed as paparazzi. At first, Matt was that very special kind of paparazzo (the kind without a camera) but we hooked his ass up.

We started the evening at Matt's neighbour's shindig...

Where Posh discussed getting some more work done by Dr. Zack...

He wishes. :-)

Posh takes the trash out. And I'll bet you thought she had someone do that for her.

David has to remind Victoria to be a lady.

As you can see, things started to get ridiculous pretty early on, so we decided to head to a party thrown by a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend.

We made sure to stay in character while getting out of the taxi.

Right down to the typical Hollywood money shot.

Kat and Matt were flashing away, yelling "David! Victoria!" like true pros, while we continued playing the part.

Eventually, we knocked it off and made it into the damn party -- where we started all over again.

Giving the paps something to shoot.

If it was socially acceptable, I'm fairly certain he and I would dress like this every day.

David consorts with a paparazzo.

I think he might be cheating.

Perhaps with multiple people.

Playing around with "White Trash" (I liked "Euro Trash" better since Mikko is from Finland)

AND Charlie Chaplin.

And then there was that.

Meanwhile, I was enjoying this WAY too much.

(even if my padding was showing all damn night)

Like the real Beckhams, we were totes loving the cameras.

How I didn't bust straight out of this dress is beyond me.

Someone's not a very good papparazzo. That's a great shot, and he's missing it.

And now he just looks disgusted!

You have no idea how much I am in love with this picture. It pretty much sums up the rest of Mikko's night.

After a while, we were kind of over it, and went looking for a fun bar.

We found one.

Victoria's getting drunker...

Pretty sure David is too.

I did come out of character a few times! And would you please look at the guy behind me?

Oh, the dramatics.

With our biggest fan.

Well... my biggest fan.

We're all REALLY drunk now.

And yet, not near as drunk as Mikko.

Love him.

Hot messes.

Posh and Becks!

I wanted this picture outside of the "Chip Shop" because of the Union Jack, but it didn't really work out!

Taking out our fabulous trash -- again.

After the Taxi Ride of Death, we managed to make it home in one piece.

Where Mikko comforted a decidedly distressed Kat.

And then had a few more drinks. Of course he did.

After a bit of dramz and some late night/early morning pasta, we once again became ourselves and headed to bed. And thus was the end of another great year in costume.

So this post was late in coming, but I think the pics make up for it. And hell, I didn't call it "Spooktacular III". Don't ever let anyone say I'm a one trick pony.


Anonymous said...

Fab, as usual! You have all the fun :)

And, hey- can't wait to hear your take on the recently-everywhere Duran Duran! Looking good, I say!

-Harrisburg Susan

Marnie said...

Thanks, Susan!!

The Duran Duran post is coming soon. ;-)

aprilshowers said...

The money shot killed me dead. ROTF!