Sunday, December 09, 2007

Changes are Afoot...

In this, the weekend of the blog, I've decided to make a few long overdue adjustments to Marnie's World.

For starters, I've actually posted, which makes a change. :-)

I also decided to do away with the "Best of Marnie's World" section. I hadn't even updated in over two years (and more importantly, couldn't be bothered to) so it wasn't really a fair representation of what this site has to offer.

(Haha... I don't know either)

Anyway, in place of the "Best Of" I decided to put in a "Categories section", where you can narrow down the posts to find what you might be looking for. Sort of like Perez's "Icky Icky Poo" or "Gay Gay Gay" sections, only, you know... not.

In other words, if you're just here to see Simon, you don't have to wade through all my shit talk on Paris and the bunch, or my various travels near and far. This post, for example, will fall under the "Random Ramblings" category. Do you see what I've done there? :-)

As we've found in the past, most of you are usually just looking for weird or perverted stuff anyway, so it probably makes very little difference, but whatevs. It's the thought that counts.

See? I really do care.

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