Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Shame

While I'm not sure it's something my average reader would remember, in 1989, then-Rolling Stone Bill Wyman, (who was 52 at the time), married 18 year old Mandy Smith, whom he'd been reportedly dating off and on since she was thirteen.

To this day, I still remember reading about their wedding in some supermarket tabloid or another, which quoted Bill as saying he'd torn up his "little black book'. At the time, I wasn't particularly in awe of the age difference, (when you're a kid, a "grown up" is a grown-up, right?). Instead, I was just wondering what a little black book was for, and thinking that Mandy's dress was the most gorgeous that my 9 year old eyes had ever seen. I was sure that some day when I got married, I'd wear the same one.

Clearly my tastes have changed.

Nearly 20 years later, I can certainly recognize not only the grossness of the dress, but of the relationship itself. Imagine being 33 years old, thinking that your future partner is just being born. Yay.

In a strikingly similar and equally stomach-turning move, 61 year-old current Rolling Stone, Ron Wood, has taken up with a 20 year-old (some reports say 19) Russian waitress name Ekaterina. Hmm... I guess 'WWBWD?" is as good a code to live by as any, eh Ron?

Seriously though, what the hell is he thinking? He's apparently "deeply in love with her' and has dubbed her 'slut'. Is it still considered irony if it's that blatant?

I always thought Ron Wood was kind of fabulous (due in part to the fact that he's been with the same woman for years and, well, any friend of Rod's is a friend of mine) but right now I'm just like "Eww."

(Pic from The Sun)

I'm sure, much like Bill probably felt after tearing up that little black book, Ron will probably look back on this and be like "Wow. I'm an ass."

One would hope anyway.

I'm thinking the prospect of losing $100+ million will likely bring him this conclusion sooner rather than later, but one can never be sure. Who knows? Maybe something even weirder will happen, wherein Ronnie's son proposes to Ekaterina's mother.

What? Stranger things have happened!

Oh well. I guess the moral of this story is that they can't all be Charlie Watts.

No, that's not his girlfriend.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thank God It Isn't 2003

For if it was 2003, this People cover would have broken my fragile 23 year-old heart!

Yes, sir. American Idol runner-up, Broadway baby, Thom Yorke lookalike, and former object of my undying affection, Clay Aiken has come out of the proverbial closet. Props.

Much like Lindsay declaring her relationship with Samantha, the news is hardly a surprise to anyone, so this post is nowhere near as exciting as it might have been in the days when I longed to live happily ever after as Mrs. Aiken. Quite frankly, I'm more excited now by the fact that he got his old hair back, because the 'do of late was not doing it for me. Props again.

And props to the baby and that serious expression on his face that is totes making me smile.